Dom La Nena


Extract from the album
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  • country:Brazil
  • style(s):World
  • label:Zamora Productions / Six degrees
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Zamzama Productions

Line up

  • Dom La Nena (voice, cello)

Remarkable things often begin at an early age, and so it was with Brazilian-born cellist and vocalist Dom La Nena. “Dom’s songs have something very tender and emotional about them and a naivete and fragility that are accompanied by an astonishing maturity for her age. This combination of doubt and authority are part of what makes up her unique charm and talent." Piers Faccini. On stage, solely accompanied by her cello and loops she is mixing live with her own vocals and small percussions she is taking the audience in a stunningly subtle and beautifully understated journey through, in her words, "childhoud and nostalgia".