Leïla Haddad

Leïla Haddad
  • country:Egypt
  • region:North Africa
  • style(s):Dance, Oriental
  • label:not signed
  • artist submitted by:Zamzama Productions


Leila Haddad, has succeeded in winning acceptance
for oriental dancing, now considered a major art.
She has given legitimacy to the very phrase
"oriental dancing" (raqs el sharki in Arabic), and
thanks to her this art has broadened its sphere,
hitherto contained within Arab and Berber villages,
out of range of a wider audience, or within cabarets
where it was losing its soul.

Zykrayat : Leila Haddad with 9 dancers - Tribute to
Om Khalsoum
Leila Haddad solo performance with Nile Musicians,
traditionnal dances from Southern Egypt.