• country:Kyrgyzstan
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Traditional
  • label:Smithsonian Folkways
  • artist submitted by:Zamzama Productions

Founded and directed by Nurlanbek Nyshanov, a gifted
composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, Tengir-Too
provides a living laboratory for Nyshanov's efforts to find a voice
for Kyrgyz music in the contemporary cultural marketplace.
Kyrgyz music is rooted in the sensibility of nomads who inhabit
an awe-inspiring landscape of mountains, lakes, and pristine
grasslands. . Nyshanov collaborates with Rysbek Jumabaev, a
reciter of the great Kyrgyz epic tale Manas. Other members of
Tengir Too includes Kenjegul Kubatova, whose lush alto voice is
the perfect medium for Kyrgyz lyrical songs, Gulbara
Baigashkaeva, a master performer on the komuz, the three-
stringed lute that Kyrgyz regard as their national instrument.
Special guest Zainidin Imanaliev illustrates an older performance
tradition a soulful soloist who is at once master
instrumentalist, singer, and entertainer.