• country:Italy
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Trio
  • artist posted by:Zero Nove Nove

Line up

  • Adolfo La Volpe (oud, guitar, bouzouki, guitarra portuguesa)
  • Fabrizio Piepoli (voice, chitarra battente, santur, daff)
  • Giorgia Santoro (flute, bass flute, bansuri,tin whistle,Celtic harp)


The Salento-based “La Cantiga de la Serena” is an ensemble of musicians and researchers that recovers and reworks the ancient music of the Mediterranean basin, which has always represented a true cultural bridge between the East and the West.
La Mar is a collection of songs belonging to different musical traditions, all having the sea (“la mar” in ladino language) as a leitmotiv.
This third album forms, along with the two previous ones, a “trilogy of the sea”, outlining an imaginary journey along which ancient Sephardic cantigas (expression of the Spanish jews’heritage) entwine with traditional melodies from Apulia (narrative songs, tarantelle), a Greek syrto merges with a song from Grecìa Salentina, the charming sounds of a Syrian melody cross the solemn forcefulness of a Neapolitan villanella, until they melt into the passionate rhythm of a Macedonian horo. A dialogue of love whispered between the sea and the feminine, the song of the siren that continues to bewitch wayfarers of all time.
The use of musical instruments belonging to different cultures and the space given to improvisation enhance the execution of the repertoire that celebrates the free expression of the musicians, their way of feeling and filtering these ancient songs of love, prayer and joy.