Belem & The MeKanics


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BELEM & the MeKanics, is the new project of the duo BELEM, composed by Didier Laloy, diatonic accordion, and Kathy Adam, cello.

In BELEM & the MeKanics, the instrumentation Decap used is an orchestral ensemble of acoustic organ pipes, accordions and percussion instruments, playing alone, controlled by a computer and music software.

The organs, the “MeKanics” sing like little birds. The result is breath taking, Walter and Didier composed and arranged an unusual music, mixed between popular, contemporary, cinematographic music ... a music with fellinian flavors!

The human and artistic encounter between Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam is today what Didier thinks he has created the strongest, a music that is both intimate, intense and bubbling. Needing to change course in every new creation, it seemed to him impossible not to pursue this adventure with Kathy Adam. He had to find a project that could surprise him while keeping the duo BELEM at the heart of creation. An image kept coming constantly: “a mechanical orchestra” to accompany BELEM!

His dream seemed difficult to realize, even impossible, until the day he met Walter Hus. Thanks to the return of automated organs in a High-Tech form, the dream of Didier was before his eyes, in the Walter Hus’s lab.

The result is a true jewel, at once surprising, unique in the world, refined and majestic!