• 26-29 MAY 2021

(Re)Setting the Stage

Navigating through questions for the future of performance.

As public officials, managers, presenters, board members and other decision-makers navigate complex questions for the future of performance, The Global Leaders Program (GLP), The Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras (AEOS) & Classical:NEXT join forces to co-present — (Re)Setting The Stage — an open-enrollment webinar series exploring dynamic challenges and opportunities faced by arts sector professionals. From public health to economics, from event production to communication strategy, from contract agreements to summer festivals — with support from Fundación BBVA, each conversation convenes diverse group of industry experts to engage in examining the evolving landscape of concert music in a world transformed.

Sessions will begin once again in September 2020. Stay tuned for further announcements by subscribing to the Classical:NEXT newsletter.



All The World’s A Stage:
The Modern-Day

Thursday, 23 July 2020
How are artists pushing the boundaries of performance? Can spontaneity and flexibility make a permanent return to programming? What does the life of a modern-day performer look like?

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Who You Are Before What You Do: Culture-First Organizations

Thursday, 10 July 2020
How do arts leaders build cultures aligned with missions and values? How can organizational culture support effective vision, strategy and operation? What internal shifts can contribute to a more equitable and impactful arts sector?

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Governance for New Beginnings: Resilient Boards & Crisis Management

Thursday, 25 June 2020
How have recent and ongoing events evolved the roles and responsibilities of a Board? To what extent should a Board steer an organization’s strategy during crises? How can an organization build a resilient, crisis-proof Board?

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MidSummer Nights: Pathways for Festivals

Thursday, 11 June 2020
How are festival decision-makers adapting seasons to new realities? What key challenges and opportunities do these shifts offer for the future?

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Restoring Trust: Contracts & Cancellations

Thursday, 4 June 2020
To what extent have recent disruptions and ongoing uncertainties impacted trust? What responsibility do presenters, managers, agents, artists, and public officials share in a renewed future for agreements?

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New Ways of Working Artistry & Concert Production

Tuesday, 26 May 2020
New Ways of Working: Artistry & Concert Production

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