• 17 - 20 MAY 2022

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Rotterdam is a truly global city, a city of world-class contemporary architecture, engineering and design. Rotterdam is “off beat and fi ercely committed to the new,” as Wallpaper magazine wrote.

The city emanates a spirit of exploration and determination, qualities which turned it into one of the largest ports in northern Europe, even before the Second World War. And after the devastation of war, which resulted in the complete destruction of the 17th century inner city and the port, that same spirit transformed Rotterdam in less than 20 years into the largest port in the world. Rather than creating a replica of the historic town, it was decided to build an entirely new, modern city centre. In 2017, CNN called Rotterdam ‘Europe's new capital of cool’: “Rotterdam is currently enjoying its transformation from a city plagued with urban problems to a hip place to visit or live.”

More information about Rotterdam can be found at www.rotterdam.info/en.

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Important Information:

Due to the COVID19 regulations in the Netherlands, we are forced to cancel Classical:NEXT 2021!

Classical:NEXT Venues


de Doelen Concert and Congress Centre

(Opening, Expo, Conference, Showcases, Project Pitches, Closing)

Renowned concert hall and established congress centre


Kruisplein 30/40
3012 CC Rotterdam

De Doelen’s special appeal lies in its dual function as international concert hall and conference centre which ideally fits the Classical:NEXT structure of an expo with conferences and nighttime showcase concerts. This is underscored by the building’s looks: the remarkable 1960’s functionalist architecture of the original concert hall contrasts beautifully with the conference centre’s more dynamic and modern design.

A concert venue with 600 concerts a year, attracting 450.000 visitors, de Doelen is home to one of Europe’s finest orchestra’s, the Rotterdam Philharmonic (chief conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin). De Doelen plays a stimulating role in the Dutch classical music world by commissioning new works, inviting international artists in residence (f.i. Colin Currie, David Lang, Brett Dean, etc.), programming the best Dutch and international ensembles, and collaborating intensively with local, national and international partners.

De Doelen International Congress Centre is an established meeting place for cultural, corporate and knowledge-based events. The building and the team offers all the facilities and expertise of a state of the art congress venue.



(Club Showcases and DJs)

WORM is a Rotterdam-based artists collective, a venue, shop, cinema and workspace for music, film and
new media, with the world as its playground.


Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam

Transgressing normal segregations between media, they represent the authentic and the unruly, the obsessed and the adventurers. Born under the stars of punk, dada, fluxus, situationism and futurism, WORM has grown to a tenacious organisation that combines the 'do it yourself' mentality of its ancestors with ultra-pragmatism. The output of WORM is film, radio, concerts, performances, web-projects, installations, CDs and a 24/7 webstation. WORM focuses on OpenSource, recycled material, superuse, seriousness and fun.