Media Downloads

Classical:NEXT Press Photos:

  • For your coverage of Classical:NEXT 2017, you can find high-res photographs at our press photos dropbox folder, including photographs from the event itself, as well as press pictures of conference speakers and showcase artists, and some on-site photographs from Classical:NEXT 2016. For further, lower-quality pictures, see the Classical:NEXT 2017 Flickr gallery.
  • For bespoke photographs, you can also book our official photographer Eric van Nieuwland. See our Promote Yourself page for more details.

Classical:NEXT 2017 Audio & Video RECORDINGS

Live at Classical:NEXT 2017 recordings for download (press use only, always credit Classical:NEXT 2017 and the artist)

Selected recordings will be made available throughout the event on this server, where you can also find recorded music from our showcase artists, more adio and audiovisual material will be uploaded after the event.

All of these recordings are for press use only, under the limitations stated in the document you will find on this server.


Classical:Next Logos

  • Classical:NEXT Logo as JPG
  • Classical:NEXT Logo as TIFF
  • Classical:NEXT Logo as EPS

Classical:Next Signet

  • Classical:NEXT Signet as JPG
  • Classical:NEXT Signet as TIFF
  • Classical:NEXT Signet as EPS


Classical:NEXT Photo Material

Jennifer Dautermann at Classical:NEXT 2016, by Eric van Nieuwland

Director Classical:NeXT

Jennifer Dautermann
Photo: Eric van Nieuwland


Classical:NEXT core team
Photo: Michael Mann

de doelen DIRECTOR

Gabriël Oostvogel
Photo: Annelies van der Vegt

View Of Rotterdam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Photo: Luke Price

De Doelen international congress centre

de Doelen Roof Terrace
Photo: Rien van Rijthoven