• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Ask the questions you always wanted to ask to an expert. Get the know-how you seek free of charge – either at a One-to-One mentoring (a private 15-minute consultation) or a Roundtable Mentoring (in a collective Q&A session) with one of our special mentors from various fields and occupations.

Please note, the following information refers to Classical:NEXT 2015 only. Information for the 2016 edition will follow nearer to the event.

One-to-one Mentoring

Thursday 14:00 – 15:30: Mentoring Room (Mees Zaal)

Take advantage of a private 15-minute consultation free of charge with any of our special mentors from various fields and occupations. Each mentor will bring years of experience and knowledge to the meetings to assist you with any queries and help you map out a blueprint for taking your music, artist or business forward. If you haven’t signed up, stop by to see if there are still slots available or to be put on the waiting list. The 2015 One-to-one mentors and sessions were:

Naomi Grabel (US) – Reaching Audiences!

Mentoring sessions are invited in any aspect of audience communication and engagement, sales and advertising, digital marketing strategy and data analysis.

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Séverine Garnier (France) – How to Reach Classical Music Network and Media in France?

Would you like French media to write about your music, or organisation? I'm a French journalist with 10 years of experience, writing for national and regional media outlets specializing in classical music. I can help you target the right journalists.

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Rob Overman (The Netherlands) – Video Creation and Storytelling for Artists, Ensembles and Orchestras

Storytelling and video distribution are the keywords to reach audiences. Rob Overman explores all aspects of video creation for artists, ensembles and orchestras.

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Roundtable Mentoring:

Friday 14:00 – 14:30: Mentoring Room (Mees Zaal)

Receive personalised advice from specialists from various fields and occupations. Each expert will lead a 30-minute roundtable mentoring session with max. five participants.

The 2015 Roundtable mentors and sessions were:

Dick Molenaar (The Netherlands) – Music and Taxation: The State of Art in Theory and Practice

Dick Molenaar and Michael Adick will present the current state of taxation relating to performing artists, in theory and practice.

Both national tax rules and bilateral tax treaties will be discussed with the Netherlands put forward as a best practice example.

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Felipe Ignacio Noriega (Mexico/The Netherlands) – Generosity as a Business Model – The Steunbeer Cooperative

Business and funding are difficult issues in the arts and specifically for young professionals. They are a necessity at Steunbeer. We see culture as a very unique business in comparison to other sectors. We look at the similarities but also at the special characteristics that cultural businesses have. Funding is a necessity that we can overcome together based on generosity and collectivity: acknowledging each other instead of only nurturing our individual careers.

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Luis Perandones Lozano (Spain/Switzerland) – A Dire Future? New perspectives for orchestras & young musicians

New perspectives for orchestras and young musicians in a dwindling job market.
We will discuss the problem concerning a rising number of musicians looking for orchestra jobs who are confronted with a decreasing number of vacancies. First, viewing the harsh realities: if this does not receive attention, in eight to ten years time this situation will have become a major problem and; second, focusing on the opportunities that this situation presents.

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