• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Ask the questions you always wanted to ask to an expert. Get the know-how you seek free of charge – either at a One-to-One mentoring (a private 15-minute consultation) or a Roundtable Mentoring (in a collective Q&A session) with one of our special mentors from various fields and occupations.

"I felt that the mentoring sessions offered at cN were the highlight of my experience. These sessions, being for individuals or small groups and highly interactive, were both fascinating and highly informative."

Kaylie Melville, Australia

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The Classical:NEXT 2017 mentor sessions were:

One-to-one Mentoring

Thursday 11:30 – 13:00: Mentoring Room (Mees Zaal)

Take advantage of a private 15-minute consultation free of charge with any of our special mentors from various fields and occupations. Each mentor will bring years of experience and knowledge to the meetings to assist you with any queries and help you map out a blueprint for taking your music, artist or business forward.


Understanding Rights and Royalties

Harriet Wybor (UK)

These mentoring sessions offer composers and industry professionals the opportunity to learn more about music copyright and discuss individual questions about what is protected by copyright, music licensing and how royalties flow through collecting societies, music publishers and record labels.


Understanding, Collaborating and Touring in Latin America

Thiago Cury (Brazil)

We‘ll focus on how to measure expectations, timing and results collaborating with Latin American professionals, institutions and festivals. Mapping potential partners related with each one’s field of interest, we are going to guide the applicants on planning a project or a tour in Latin America.


Finding the Right Agent. How and Why?

Catherine Le Bris (France)

At a time when the market is constantly moving, finding the right agent can be very challenging. What is a good agent? What roles does an agent have to carry out? How can they develop an artist‘s career in an increasingly sophisticated and demanding world?



Roundtable Mentoring:

Friday 11:30 – 12:15: Mentoring Room (Mees Zaal)

Receive personalised advice from specialists from various fields and occupations. Each expert will lead a 30-minute roundtable mentoring session with max. five participants.


Digital Strategy for Performing Arts Organisations

Christopher Amos (US)

Christopher Amos will lead a roundtable conversation about the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation in performing arts organisations.


Crossing Art From Boundaries – Dynamic Collaborations

Hilary Kleinig (Australia)

Collaborations that combine different art forms can provide a rich source of inspiration and skill development for the artists involved but also make sense on many other levels. This session explores aspects of developing meaningful and dynamic collaborations that have great and lasting impact.


Professional Skills for the 21st Century Composer

Heather Pinkham (US/The Netherlands)

Discussions will centre around the need for composers to learn subjects not typically taught in standard conservatory training. These topics will include branding, marketing, author rights, funding, programming and entrepreneurship. Advice will be given on how and where to acquire these skills.