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In addition to the limited showcase slots available during Classical:NEXT, the off C:N Showcase format offers further opportunities to present artists to the delegates. For 2017, two organisations seized this opportunity: Nordic Music Days and MusMA.

Nordic Music Days 2017

The first of the two off C:N showcases 2017 comes from Sweden via the UK, presented by Nordic Music Days 2017. The northern lights will light up London in September: Nordic Music Days 2017 is a happening of new encounters, creativity, and receptiveness; an environment that supports the playful, the inclusive, and the innovative. Across four days, leading ensembles and soloists will showcase pioneering contemporary music from the Nordic countries, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Nordic Music Days 2017 off C:N showcase were performed by Distractfold and took place in de Doelen’s Eduard Flipse Zaal, 17:00 - 17:30 on Thursday, 18 May.


Distractfold, by Dimitri Djuric

Nordic Music Days 2017 feat. Distractfold (Sweden/UK)

Linda Jankowska, violin and electronics
Sam Salem, electronics
Emma Richards, electronics

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The second off C:N Showcase 2017 was presented by MusMA. MusMA, Music Master on Air is a collaboration between European art institutions, festivals and radio networks that started in 2010. MusMA showcases works by five young composers around a theme. The 2017 theme is ‘Music and Exile’: the galvanising effect of cultural exchange during crisis and displacement. MusMA composers wrote pieces addressing this, performed at Classical:NEXT by Amôn Quartet. MusMA's off C:N showcase took place in de Doelen’s Jurriaanse Zaal, 19:30 - 20:15 on Friday, 19 May.


Amôn Quartet

MusMA feat. Amôn Quartet (Belgium)

Aymeric De Villoutreys, violin
Eva Pusker, violin
Nina Poskin, viola
Anne-Gabrielle Lia-Aragnouet, cello

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Featuring compositions by:

  • Grégory d’Hoop
  • Guillaume Auvray
  • Martin Q. Larsson
  • Maurilio Cacciatore
  • Nikola Kolodziejczyk


MusMA members: Festival de Wallonie, Klara Festival, Mittelfest, NFM Narodowym Forum Muzyki, Saxå Kammarmusikfestival.

Festival de Wallonie    Klara Festival    Mittelfest    NFM Narodowym Forum Muzyki      Saxå Kammarmusikfestival


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