• 15-18 MAY 2019

Alongside the artists in the official selection, our local partners have chosen eight additional acts to feature at Classical:NEXT 2017 in a two-day feast of live (and lively) performances. In these concerts, delegates were able to dip into the energetic Dutch music scene, grab a bite to eat and see what some of our resident musicians and ensembles are up to. Curated by Caecilia Thunnissen, Diamanda Dramm and Martijn Buser, these concerts offered a mix of talent, from well-known pioneers to well-kept secrets and rising stars. Whether traditional, contemporary, radical, repertoire-based or improvised, or simply without labels or definitions, the request to every featured artist was the same: surprise us with something really new!

See below for lists of all performers, by performance day.

Lunch with the Residents' gives you a survey of the latest in the Dutch scene. We're proud to present these very 'next' artists, selected by the programmers of the most important venues in the Netherlands.

Gabriël Oostvogel, Director of de Doelen

Lunch with the Residents is supported by Dutch Performing Arts, a programme of the Performing Arts Fund NL.


Thursday, 18 May A-Z

Chamber Opera DE GRENSChamber Opera DE GRENS

Chamber Opera DE GRENS




C:N NET Event.


Mutu Ensemble, by Noelia NicholasMutu Ensemble, by Noelia Nicholas

Mutu Ensemble




C:N NET Event.


Scordatura, by Charles van GelderScordatura, by Charles van Gelder

Scordatura Ensemble




C:N NET Event.


Yannick HiwatYannick Hiwat

Yannick Hiwat




C:N NET Event.


Friday, 19 May A-Z

Kluster5, by Jasper GrijpinkKluster5, by Jasper Grijpink





C:N NET Event.


Lunatree, by Ferry KnijnLunatree, by Ferry Knijn





C:N NET Event.







C:N NET Event.


Rogier Telderman, by Jelmer de HaasRogier Telderman, by Jelmer de Haas

Rogier Telderman




C:N NET Event.