• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Showcase Festival

Across different formats, Classical:NEXT presents artists and ensembles from around the world that push the boundaries and extend the horizons of art music.

The Showcase Festival shows artists and productions in a series of short live concerts – a unique opportunity to experience many performances in a minimum amount of time.

It is comprised of Showcases performing during the day and evening, Club Showcases and DJs, off C:N Showcases and performances at the Opening and Closing ceremony.

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The Classical:NEXT Showcases are selected by an international jury of experts to present a wide range of high-quality artists and productions in every category from early to contemporary, traditional to experimental. Soloists and small ensembles as well as large ensembles, opera productions or musical theatre projects can be presented through a showcase concert.

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These four late-night showcases offer the chance to see outstanding NEXT artists perform in Rotterdam clubs in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, together with resident Classical:NEXT DJs. They will take place in WORM on Thursday and Friday night.

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In addition to the limited showcase slots available during Classical:NEXT, the off C:N Showcase format offers further opportunities to present artists to the delegates. It is especially beneficial for those who want to present a range of artists as part of a wider context, be it regional, national or organisational.

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The Opening Artists perform at the Opening Ceremony of Classical:NEXT, kicking off with a gala that showcases the NEXT music of a specific country. The Closing Artist performs at the Closing Ceremony of Classical:NEXT, reflecting on the preceding year and announcing the winnder of the Innovation Award.

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