Innovation Award 2020

The Classical:NEXT Innovation Award raises awareness of forward-thinking projects taking place around the world, as nominated by the dedicated Nominating Committee. For the 2020 Innovation Award, 26 music journalists and experts from 25 countries and every continent make up the Committee. Their role is to inform classical music professionals about potential recipients outside of their own national or professional periphery and their work focuses on renewal and trends in classical music. Nominations from the Committee form the initial Longlist, from which they select the final 10 nominations for the Shortlist.

The vote then opens to the Classical:NEXT community who ultimately decide who the recipients of the Innovation Award will be. Everyone who holds a C:N NET account is eligible to vote. Learn more about the Innovation Award process here.

The 2020 Innovation Award was presented to the three recipients on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 in the first-ever live-streamed broadcast of the Award Ceremony. You can rewatch the Livestream here.

Innovation Award Recipients 2020


About the Innovation Award

Longlist, Shortlist, Public Vote - How it works: After each nominating committee member has named their chosen projects, the same experts then vote collectively to reach the top ten. Once the shortlist has been determined, you - the delegates - will have your say. The entire Classical:NEXT community, made up of more than 5,000 delegates who have attended Classical:NEXT since 2012, have the opportunity to place an online vote to decide the recipients of the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2020.

The Classical:NEXT Innovation Award was a new initiative to the 2015 edition, designed to place the spotlight on forward-thinking activities taking place around the world. The new award is complementary to already existing industry awards. The goal of this honorary prize is to raise awareness about innovative activities going on all over the world. The composition of the Nominating Committee (see below) is intended to inform classical music professionals about worthwhile experiments and approaches taking place beyond their own respective national scenes or from locations which receive much publicity.

"This award aims to give international recognition to the people who are doing the most to push things forward with daring yet intelligent, effective and successful “out-of-the-box” thinking, planning and action. I firmly believe the time has come to add such a distinction to the list of already existing awards. As with Classical:NEXT itself, the Innovation Award is a global, democratic, community effort".

-Jennifer Dautermann, Classical:NEXT Director