• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

The consequences for performers and record companies

Conference 2012
Session 6 :

Chaired by Prof. Dr. Stefan Pennartz (Germany, München), lawyer, Schoepe Fette Pennartz Reinke
with Barbara Wunderlich (Germany), owner, Wunderlich Medien;
Paul Janse (The Netherlands), Chief of Sales and Marketing, Codaex International

In 2011, the EU Directive 2011/77/EU extended the copyright terms for performers and producers of recordings for all license agreements, including buy-outs. Under this new legislation, all recordings which are still protected on 1 November 2013 will receive an additional 20 years of copyright protection. The conference will debate the consequences and implications of this copyright extension for performers and labels, drawing on the perspectives of a performer, a lawyer and a label representative. It will explore how performers – or their beneficiaries – and record companies should deal with the situation and how it may transfer to EU legislation.