• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Exploring the variety of modern music genres in the context of film

Conference 2012
Session 3 :

Chaired by Matthias Keller (Germany), Radio producer/Editor, BR Bavarian Broadcating
with Laura Berman (Germany), Artistic Director, Art of Our Times, Bregenzer Festspiele;
Chris Heyne (Germany), Film Music Composer; Eva Sindichakis (Greece/Germany), pianist, composer and musicologist

For many people, contemporary music evokes atonal, unstructured sounds that are difficult to listen to or reserved for exclusive circles. Yet the same musical content often appears in film scores which mix a wide variety of styles and genres. This session outlines possible ways to push contemporary music forward - with film music as a vehicle - to find a wider audience. It also explores whether such an approach is attractive to concert halls and promoters and whether it does justice to the contemporary music scene overall.