• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

"There are many groups that have interesting approaches on how to free classical music from the museum and get it on the streets. It is really exciting that now there is a forum for that!"

David Orlowsky, clarinetist and jury member for Classical:NEXT 2012


The live showcase acts and artists of Classical:NEXT 2012 (Munich, 30 May - 2 June):

Kimiko Ishizaka

Special PResentation:

Open Goldberg Variations

(Japan / USA / Belgium / Germany)

Kimiko Ishizaka; download size: 1.1 MB



In a special performance that marries the music of Bach and cutting edge internet technology, internationally acclaimed pianist Kimiko Ishizaka will perform Bach’s Goldberg Variations at Classsical:NEXT. Thanks to an audio tracking technology developed by SampleSumo and a special new digital edition of the Goldberg Variations score, the audience will be able to follow along with the score as Ishizaka plays. The score, which was created using the open source notation software MuseScore, as well as Ishizaka's recent recording of the Variations, were crowdfunded by fans and released to the public domain as a part of the Open Goldberg Variations project.

Project Manager Robert Douglass says: "Classical:NEXT is a unique chance to show the innovative work done by MuseScore and Kimiko Ishizaka during the Open Goldberg Variations project, and to meet the visionaries from the music industry who are creating the future of the business."


a_filetta_-_fotodidier_d._daarwin_-_aka_design-1_200 Photo: Didier D. Daarwin

A Filetta (France)

A Filetta, download size: 5.3 MB

Jean-Claude Acquaviva: voice, seconda and conducto
Paul Giansily: voice, terza
Jean-Luc Geronimi: voice, seconda
Jean Sicurani: voice, bassu
Maxime Vuillamier: voice, bassu
François Ceccè Acquaviva: voice, bassu
Daniele di Bonaventura, bandoneon


Standing close together, multiplying in intensity, they become one instrument, evoking centuries of polyphonic echoes across the Corsican landscape. A Filetta was founded in 1978 by the 13-year-old Jean-Claude Acquaviva and they have been bringing the passion, emotional fervour and beauty of corsican vocal art to audiences around the world. Like the fern from which they take their name, A Filetta are deeply rooted in the Corsican soil. Folk song and sacred hymns are part of their repertoire but with original compositions, film soundtracks, dance, theatre and opera collaborations, they are constantly carrying the traditions forward. At Classical:NEXT 2012 they will perform "Di Corsica Riposu, Requiem pour deux regards".


Photo: Thomas Ronn

Carion (Denmark)

Carion, download size: 9.6 MB

Dóra Seres: flute
Egils Upatnieks: oboe
Egīls Šēfers: clarinet
David M.A.P. Palmquist: horn
Niels Anders Vedsten Larsen: basson


In 2002 five young virtuoso wind players created the woodwind quintet Carion from a shared vision of what chamber music might become. From the birth of the ensemble, the members of Carion have sought to convert the traditions of conventional chamber music into an up-to-date and appealing experience of high cultural value.

They form an unusually cohesive ensemble that performs classical masterpieces in a unique way that is accessible to a wide variety of audiences. The prizewinning Danish ensemble brings fresh approach to the classical music stage by enhancing performances with theatrical elements. At Classical:NEXT this will be Bach's Concerto No. 2, BWV 593 after Antonio Vivaldi and Ligeti's "Sechs Bagatellen für Bläserquintett".


ensemble-variances1-copyright-cyrille-guir_200 Photo by Cyrille Guir

Ensemble Variances (France)

Ensemble Variances; download size: 3,5 MB

Anne Cartel: bass flute
Carjez Gerretsen: bass clarinet
David Louwerse: cello
Thierry Pécou: piano


Ensemble Variances is a group of soloists from classical and contemporary backgrounds who are in contact with artists working in the oral tradition or non-European musical cultures. In concerts whose originality resides in the encounter between different universes such as oral tradition and written composition, tradition and renewal, music and visual arts, each artist finds his musical and cultural place as part of a complete musical mosaic. The Ensemble Variances was recently invited to perform at the French May Festival in Hong Kong, the Auditorium of Lyon, the Reims Opera House, the Rouen Opera House, the Saint Etienne Opera House and at the Festival ‘‘Détours de Babel de Grenoble’’.

At Classical:NEXT the Ensemble Variances will perform compositions of French composer Thierry Pécou, who also is the ensemble's artistic director.


Photo: Sander Wever

Handel At The Piano / Daria van den Bercken

(The Netherlands)

Daria van den Bercken, download size: 2667x4000


With her latest project Handel At The Piano, Dutch pianist Daria van den Bercken combines her devotion to the keyboard works of Georg Friederich Händel with the exploration of platforms such as videoblogs, website, social media and all kinds of performing locations to bring film, music, findings and discussions to a wider audience. Daria van den Bercken won the Debut Public Prize 2006 after being selected to perform solo recitals in the Dutch Debut Series 2005-2006 and is an active chamber musician. She will demonstrate drafts of her work at Classical:NEXT playing not only Händel but also Debussy and Stravinsky.


Photo: Lieven Dirckx

Le Jardin Secret (Belgium)

Le Jardin Secret, download size: 200 kB

Elizabeth Dobbin: soprano
Michael Lang-Alsvik: viola da gamba
Sofie van den Eynde: theorbo, baroque guitar
David Blunden: harpsichord


Le Jardin Secret (in French a metaphor for the heart) is a place of sensual beauty and delight, of mystery and contemplation, of lament, grief and suffering, of amusement and assignation. The ensemble Le Jardin Secret presents the wonderful treasure of Baroque solo vocal literature accompanied by the full colour and beauty of original continuo and obligato instruments. The music is intimate and highly expressive exploiting the powerful and contrasting affects of the poetry to which it is set. In 2007, the ensemble won both the first prize and the audience prize in the Early Music Network International Young Artists’ Competition in York, England. At Classical:NEXT Le Jardin Secret will perform music from the 17th century by Lully, Rossi, Charpentier et. al.


Photo: Wolfgang Brunner

Salzburger Hofmusik (Austria)

Salzburger Hofmusik, download size: 400 kB

Heidelore Schauer: salterio (18th century hammered dulcimer)
Leonore von Stauss: baroque triple harp
Maximilian Kiener: male soprano, tenor
Wolfgang Brunner: fortepiano


The Salzburger Hofmusik was founded by Wolfgang Brunner and forms an ensemble in variants from trio to orchestra. The programmes focus on the Salzburgian court music traditions leading to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The musicians are playing mainly, but not exclusively on contemporary instruments. The Salzburger Hofmusik was invited to the festivals from Brugge to Istanbul, more than 50 CD’s have been recorded.

At Classical:NEXT the ensemble will perform among other works an improvisation for piano forte and salterio, a recomposed version of Vivaldi named "The four seasons in times of climate change" and what may be Mozart's shortest violin sonata.


Photo by Christine Schneider

Sax Allemande (Germany)

Sax Allemande; download size: 2 MB

Frank Schüssler: soprano saxophone
Arend Hastedt: alto Saxophone
Markus Maier: baritone Saxophone


The relatively young Saxophone has since its invention struggled to find a prominent role in classical music. It is only in recent years, that large parts of classical audiences explore the multifaceted sonic possibilities of this instrument from catharsis to very intimate beauty. Leading the charge, Sax Allemande, founded in 1996, is one of the most successful saxophone ensembles of the day.

Impressive virtuosity, chamber musical precision and a passionate commitment to the nobility of the classical saxophone are the trademarks of this trio. They began at first with the outlandish idea of forming a modern, elegantly slender, polyphonic and crystal clear musical ensemble, comprising of soprano, alto and baritone saxophones. Since the year 2000, a most productive and friendly cooperation has united Sax Allemande and the Munich based label FARAO classics; an affiliation which has resulted in the production of CDs which enjoy international success.


Photo by Dana Tarr

Seda Röder (Turkey / Austria)

Seda Röder; download size: 2 MB


Lauded for her “musical intelligence„ (Gerhard Oppitz) and “her exemplary understanding of a wide range of musical styles” (Robert Levin), the Turkish pianist Seda Röder describes her artistic vision as “making music – old and new – more approachable for everyone“. In addition to her podcast series Blackbox about New Music, she puts this vision into realization in the form of lecture recitals and carefully chosen, visionary material. As Seda commits herself to create exciting and refreshing concert programmes, her insightful interpretations of a broad repertoire that ranges from Couperin to Stockhausen and beyond, bring her acclaim as one of the most interesting and engaging musicians of her generation.

At Classical:NEXT Seda Röder will perform her own composition face to face with compositions by John Cage. As she puts it herself: "I am excited about being a part of a forum 'Classical:NEXT', that aspires to re-unite the classical music community and change the way we look at the future of classical music."


Photo by Nikolaj Lund

Sjælland String Quartet (Denmark)

Sjælland String Quartet; download size: 6,8 MB

Anne Søe Iwan: first violin
John Bak Dinitzen: second violin
Bernd Rinne: viola
Richard Krug: cello


In 2004, four of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra's solo string players became what was later to be called the Sjælland String Quartet. At their Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall debut in 2006, the public experienced their characteristic sound, which continues to make its mark on the musical scene. The quartet's programming mixes classical and non-traditional reportoire and includes less well known works by composers like Herman Sandby, Erik Bach, Anders Koppel, Nikos Skalkottas, Dia Succari and Peteris Vasks. In 2007 the four musicians performed Elvis Costello's The Juliet Letters at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen and recorded the two string quartets by Sunleif Rasmussen.

For their Classical:NEXT showcase, Sjælland String Quartet will perform music by contemporary and Romantic Danish composers Anders Koppel, Peter Heise and Paul von Klenau along with Beethoven and Janacek.


Photo: Rolf Schöllkopf

taste (Germany)

M. L. Kysela, download size: 2 MB

Martin Schüttler, electronic
Mark Lorenz Kysela, saxophone



Martin Schüttler is a composer and performer. His works contain pieces for solo instruments, orchestra, choir and ensembles, tape music, sound installations, film music and media art. Most of the instrumental compositions use electronics or live-electronics, trying to combine the two different qualities of physical and electro-acustic sound.

Mark Lorenz Kysela born 1971 in Stuttgart; studied Saxophone, chamber music and contemporary music in Frankfurt and Bordeaux. He mainly works in contemporary contexts, free improvisation, electronic and computer music, as well as a ad-hoc soloist, in chamber music groups and orchestras.