• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

The off C:N showcases are a new Classical:NEXT concert format for networks or institutions to present their special selection of outstanding talent and innovative projects. The first off C:N event will take place on the evening of Friday, 31 May at the famous Musikverein in Vienna:


Musikcentrum Öst Presents Swedish contemporary music


anna petrini by jesper lindgren Photo: Jesper Lindgren

Anna Petrini

Anna Petrini: bass recorder

A virtuoso recorder player specialising in both contemporary and early music with her latest album of works for the Paetzold contrabass recorder, being nominated for a 2013 Swedish Grammy.




Duo Gelland Photo: Trolle Gelland

Duo Gelland

Cecilia Gelland: violin
Martin Gelland: violin

The 18th century concept of the violin duo is revived as a driving force for contemporary exploration. They will perform composititons by Lützow-Holm (Denmark), Dillon (Sweden) and Alsted (Scotland).



Hakan Lidbo and Joergen Pettersson Photo: Pettersson Lidbo

Jörgen Pettersson and Håkan Lidbo

Jörgen Pettersson: saxophone
Håkan Lidbo: electronics

Jörgen Pettersson, one of Sweden's most respected contemporary saxophone players joins forces with Swedish composer and producer Håkan Lidbo, whose work spans from sound art to electronica and techno.