• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

How the DIY ‘indie-classical’ movement shaped the culture of a nation

Session 11 | Friday, 31.5.2013 | 15:00-15:45 | Lecture Hall

The year 2004 was an important milestone in the history American music. In that year, New York saw an explosion of composer-led bands, DIY ensembles and concert series that would go on to shape the cultural landscape of the nation. This was the birth of what has come to be known as the ‘indie-classical’ movement. In this session, composer and performer David T Little will demonstrate how this movement has redefined business models, expanded aesthetic boundaries and reached the highest echelons of culture, from the Los Angeles Philharmonic to Carnegie Hall. He will look at the movement’s key players, music and ideas, revealing how a handful of musicians took matters into their own hands to create a gentle but pervasive revolution.

Presented by

David T. Little (US)

Composer/Performer/Director of Composition/New Music Coordinator, Shenandoah Conservatory

David T. Little studied at the University of Michigan and Princeton University before going on to serve as executive director of New York’s MATA Festival. He is also the founding artistic director of eight-piece contemporary ensemble Newspeak and serves on the faculty of Shenandoah Conservatory. (Photo: Merry Cyr)

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