• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Classical music and the quest for digital and streaming sales

Session 12 | Friday, 31.5.2013 | 16:00-16:45 | Lecture Hall

Recorded music has been a source of income for classical artists and classical music industry professionals for more than a century. With the advent of downloading and streaming, new business models are having a radical effect on revenue streams for artists and labels and transforming their relationship with listeners. This session will examine the effects of this change. Do artists still need labels or can they create direct relationships with their listeners? Do independent labels have a competitive advantage over the majors? Can streaming services generate enough sustainable income for artists and labels to survive? Can streaming promote other sources of revenue? Should new content adjust to new distribution? Classical music faces unique challenges in the world of metadata, audio ‘dropouts’ and the ‘likes’ of social networking. The panel will explore these challenges from a variety of perspectives.

Chaired by

Timothy Kotowich (US/Germany)

Partner, MusiConsult

Timothy Kotowich is a partner at MusiConsult, the international music consultancy network. His background includes roles at Warner Music in Italy and Germany and managing director positions at independent labels. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Berklee College of Music and an MBA from INSEAD. (Photo: T. Kotowich)


Robert von Bahr (Sweden)

CEO/Chairman of the Board, BIS Records, eClassical.com

After dabbling in javelin throwing, elite bridge and 12 years of study at university and conservatory level, Robert von Bahr founded BIS, the classical record company. He is also a board member of the IFPI in Sweden, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and chairman of eClassical.com.

Jonathan gruber (US/UK)

Managing director, Ulysses Arts

Jonathan Gruber is managing director of Ulysses Arts, a digital consultancy specialising in classical music, jazz and the arts with a client base including iTunes, the Barbican Centre, Berlin Phil Media, Deutsche Grammophon and 21C Media. He has previously worked for Universal Music, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. (Photo: Ramon Bloomberg)

WillIAM Hope (UK)

Director of label relations Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Spotify

William Hope and his team manage relationships between Spotify and key record labels in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that Spotify users, artists and labels maintain good relationships and that Spotify stays on top of industry trends.

Stephan Steigleder (Germany)

Director of digital media at Deutsche Grammophon

Stephan Steigleder is director of digital media at Deutsche Grammophon. Previously (2006-2013) he held the same position at Universal Music C&J. He graduated in Business Studies back in 1998, writing his diploma thesis on "Music on demand" and worked in several agencies incl. BBDO, opus 5 and iconmobile. Since 2007 he has been a university lecturer at UDK Berlin.

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