• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

How China is developing its performing arts industry

(Special Presentation)

Session 7 | Friday, 31.5.2013 | 10:00-10:45 | Lecture Hall

China is becoming a large market for arts. However, it has its own rules and pace that foreign artists and managers sometimes don’t fully comprehend. Cases that epitomise the peculiarities of this young and promising market will be provided from three independent perspectives. Guo Shan, president of the China Symphony Development Foundation (CDSF), will guide us through data and facts about symphony orchestras in China and discuss how to ensure the most attractive approach for the local audience. Do western artists need to embrace Chinese social media? Gianluca Zanon, an independent consultant with expertise in creating bridges between western artists and the Chinese market, will offer an insight into how to find your way through the organisation of tours in China, what to avoid and what to expect.

Chaired by

Gianluca Zanon (Italy/China)

Independent artistic consultant

From 2007 to 2011, Gianluca Zanon worked as programming director for a leading Chinese promoter, responsible for selecting worldwide artists for more than 30 cities in China. He is currently an independent consultant for concert organisers promoting foreign artists and groups in mainland China and south Asia. (Photo: Shuang Lian)


Guo Shan (China)

President, China Symphony Development Foundation

Guo Shan is chairwoman of the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Region Orchestras and president of the China Symphony Development Foundation. She is also the founder of two leading orchestras, the Asia-Pacific United Orchestra and Straits Philharmonic Orchestra, both of which have toured extensively in China, Asia and Europe. (Photo: AAPRO)

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