• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021


Laura Berman (Germany)

Artistic Director, Art of Our Times, Bregenzer Festspiele



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Dr. Alan Bern (USA/Germany)

Artistic Director, The Other Europeans





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Oliver Condy (UK)

editor of BBC Music Magazine






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Dr. Martin Dehli (Germany)

Head of Department Corporate Clients, actori GmbH



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Robert Douglass (USA/Germany)

Director, Open Goldberg Variations


Photo: Drupal Association

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author and blogger, The Independent

JDCMB blog







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Carsten Dürer (Germany)

Editor in Chief, PIANONews & ENSEMBLE







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Christopher Gruits (uNITED States)

Director e-Strategy, Carnegie Hall New York

twitter: @MusicYankee







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Rob Harris (United Kingdom)

Director, Arup, Arts & Culture Business Leader, UKMEA





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Kai-Michael Hartig (Germany)

Head of Culture Department, Körber-Foundation, Hamburg








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CHristian Heyne (Germany)

Film music composer







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James Jolly (uNITED Kingdom)

Editor in Chief, Gramophone Magazine





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Paul Janse (The Netherlands)

Chief of Sales and Marketing, Codaex International







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Matthias Keller (Germany)

radio producer and composer, BR Bavarian Broadcasting



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Christian Kellersmann (Germany)

Managing Director Classics & Jazz, Universal Music Germany



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Anna Kleeblatt (Germany)

Head of Sales & Marketing, Bavarian State Opera Munich







Photo: I. Theis

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Dr. Stefan Pennartz (Germany)

lawyer, Schoepe Fette Pennartz Reinke








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Matthias Schneider (Germany)

music manager, schneider+ music management and consulting




Photo: Neil Berrett

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Eva Sindichakis

Eva Sindichakis (Greece/Germany)

composer, pianist, musicologist




Photo: Kay Gauditz

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Steven Walter (USA/Germany)

Artistic Director, PODIUM Festival Esslingen



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Barbara Wunderlich (Germany)

owner Wunderlich Medien







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