Project Pitches

The Classical:NEXT Project Pitches are short video presentations that allow insight into 14 of the most intriguing and NEXT developments in the art music sphere. The pitches are each held by the artist or a project representative live on site.

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"Classical:NEXT Project Pitches empower new artists and creatives to share their creations with the international programmers."

Krystian Lada, project pitch presenter

Project Pitches A-Z

A Marvelous Order, by Roman IwasiwkaPhoto: Roman Iwasiwka

A Marvelous Order (United States)




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Chamber Made Permission to Speak, by Pier CarthewPhoto: Pier Carthew

Chamber Made/Permission to Speak (Australia)



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Concerto for iPad and Orchestra, by Jolien JonkerPhoto: Jolien Jonker

Concerto for iPad and Orchestra (the Netherlands)




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Cryptic, by Gennadi NovashPhoto: Gennadi Novash

Cryptic presents "See you later" with Third Coast Percussion (United Kingdom)




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El Sistema Greece, by Angel BallesterosPhoto: Angel Ballesteros

El Sistema Greece (Greece)




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Hesbjerg revisited, by Bjørn LangkildePhoto: Bjørn Langkilde

Hesbjerg revisited by Via Artis Konsort (Denmark)




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Hwaeom Residency, by Avenew CreativePhoto: Avenew Creative

Hwaeom Residency (South Korea)




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My Name Is Floria, by Glenn Hall PhotographyPhoto: Glenn Hall Photography

My Name is Floria (Italy/UK)




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"Very excited to be returning to CN, to present Pleasure Garden, and represent Australian music"

Genevieve Lacey, project pitch presenter

Pleasure Garden, by Genevieve Lacey and Stephen GoddardPhoto: Genevieve Lacey and Stephen Goddardr

Pleasure Garden (Australia)




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She She Pop & zeitkratzer, by Benjamin KriegPhoto: Benjamin Krieg

She She Pop & zeitkratzer: The Ocean is Closed (Germany)




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Sukebeningen, by Kaname OnoyamaPhoto: Kaname Onoyama

Sukebeningen (Japan/the Netherlands)




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The Nutcracker and I by Alexandra Dariescu, by Andrew MasonPhoto: Andrew Mason

The Nutcracker and I, by Alexandra Dariescu (United Kingdom)




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Unknown I Live With You, by Pierre DebusscherePhoto: Pierre Debusschere

Unknown, I Live With You (Belgium)




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Video Phase, by Emmanuel CrombezPhoto: Emmanuel Crombez

Lumens by Video Phase (Canada)




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"It's so exciting to re-invent together the future of classical music!”

Julien Campagna, project pitch presenter