• 17 - 20 MAY 2022


The nominees for the Classical:NEXT 2021 Innovation Award will be selected by a committee of 18 music journalists and experts from 16 countries and every continent, whose work focuses on renewal and trends in classical music. The Nominating Committee, which includes our Industry Insider, is not fixed and varies every year. These are the members for 2021, in alphabetical order:



Chi Zuo (Southern China)

Chi Zuo is one of the most active promoters for classical music based in Shenzhen, China. He is the founder of "FantasticClassics", an influential new media in China, the columnist of Beijing Daily Supplement and he also writes for the UK Financial Times Chinese Website.



Photo by Luba Grosman

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim (USA)

As a critic, Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim has won honours for her reviews in the New York Times that unlock the communicative power of music. She founded Beginner’s Ear to guide audiences to a deeper state of listening through meditation, whether in schools, prisons, yoga studios, or performing arts organisations.



David Kettle (UK)

David Kettle is a journalist and writer on music based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a particular interest in contemporary music. He is a music critic for the Scotsman, the Daily Telegraph and The Arts Desk, and writes widely across numerous other publications.



Dionyssis Mallouhos (Greece)

Dionyssis Mallouhos plays the piano, holds a Masters degree from Athens University in Music Culture and Communication (Department of Music Studies/Communication and Media Studies), teaches and writes about music. He regularly works with authentic musicians and artists, twice a year at the Academy in Mézin, France, as well as on the Third Program of Greek Radio as a presenter/producer of an everyday program. He believes in the potential of the internet and global coordination and seeks co-operation with people who have good intentions and care for culture.


Gianluigi Mattietti (Italy)

Born in Rome, Gianluigi Mattietti completed his musical studies in composition and electronic music at the Conservatory of Rome, graduating from the University of Rome where he also finished his doctor's degree in musicology. Gianluigi is a music critic, professor in musicology at the University of Cagliari, on the board of the Italian Music Critics Association and publishes essays about contemporary music.



Harriet Cunningham (Australia)

Harriet Cunningham is a freelance writer and researcher based in Sydney, Australia. In print, she is best known as one of the Sydney Morning Herald's music and theatre critics. She is addicted to listening and thinking about live music – any kind of live performance, in fact. She has been known to play the violin.



Photo by Christine Fiedler

Hartmut Welscher (Germany)

Hartmut Welscher is editor-in-chief of VAN Magazine, a digital fanzine for classical music and its subculture. Since its launch, the magazine has had a major impact and is now a leading voice on the German classical music scene. It also now has an English edition with wide-ranging articles covering contemporary, classical and early music that feature sound, images and video.



Photo by Corinna Desch

Jessica Duchen (UK)

Jessica Duchen is a music critic, librettist and author based in London. She was music correspondent for The Independent for 12 years and her output also includes a number of novels, biographies and opera libretti. She serves in an advisory capacity on the board of the Ambache Charitable Trust and The Orchestra of the Swan.



Photo by Fernanda Rodrigues

João Luiz Sampaio (Brazil)

Journalist and music critic Joao Luiz Sampaio writes for the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo and is executive-editor of the magazine Concerto, as well as the Brazilian correspondant for the spanish magazine Scherzo. As a journalist, he has visited Brazil, the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is a professor of music history and author of books on the subject.



Joshua Sun (Taiwan)

New York University Music Technology Master's Degree; involved in music-related careers for almost 20 years; he is the founder and publisher of MUZIK Classical Music Magazine, and online platform of MUZIK AIR.



Lina Navickaité-Martinelli (Lithuania)

Lina Navickaitė-Martinelli, PhD, is a musicologist, music critic, chair of the Musicologists’ section at the Lithuanian Composers’ Union and professor and senior researcher at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. She is currently editor-in-chief of the magazine “Lithuanian Music Link”, author of two books and has presented TV and radio programmes on music and culture.


Lorena Jiménez (Spain)

Lorena Jiménez is a musicologist, classical critic and PR manager. Her reviews and interviews have appeared in magazines such as Ritmo, Audioclásica, Pro Ópera and La Scena Musicale. She has a degree in Musicology from the University of Oviedo and a Master's in Arts Administration from the University of Dresden.



Matthijs van Dijk (S. Africa)

Matthijs van Dijk is a composer, arranger, chamber musician and co-founder of new music ensemble the Night Light Collective, based in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2019, Mitthijs launched his podcast series “The South African Composers Archive”, to create an aural archive of the South African New Music scene.



Mauricio Peña Cediel (Colombia)

Mauricio Peña is the director of the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango's recital hall in Bogotá, Colombia. Before dedicating himself fully to directing the hall, he blogged at Bogomusic, a blog dedicated to the classical music scene in Bogota which was positively reviewed by Revista Semana, Colombia's main weekly magazine. He now writes for the blog sporadically.



Michael Vincent (Canada)

Michael Vincent is a music journalist, and publisher of Ludwig Van — Canada’s largest classical music website.
He has served as a music critic for the Toronto Star, and is founder of Museland Media Inc., a digital-first publishing company built to capture attention and build a community surrounding the performing arts.



Photo by Sławomir Wojciechowski

Monika Pasiecznik (Poland)

Monika Pasiecznik is a new music critic and curator from Poland. She writes for Polish and international new music magazines, cooperates with Polish Radio Program 2 and many cultural institutions. As a curator she has collaborated with festivals such as Warsaw Autumn, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music.



Romina de la Sotta Donoso (Chile)

Chilean journalist covering classical music, cultural policies and heritage since 2001.




Industry Insider

The Industry Insiders cover areas of the music industry which often go under the radar and aren't in the public eye. Therefore members of these sectors may be deserving of an Innovation Award, yet would be overseen without the help of our Industry Insiders. These vary from year to year and can include the recording industry, management, music education and outreach, audience development and more.


Photo by Marshall Light

Steve Long (UK)

Steve Long has worked in the classical music recording business for over 30 years.