• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

does the streaming/subscription model work for classical music?

Session 10 | Discussion | Thursday, 15.5.2014 | 15:00 - 15:45 | Lecture Hall

Subscription and streaming services have quickly become a vital part of the wider music industry. For classical music these business models pose perhaps unique challenges, which are not always the same as with other genres of music. At the same time, orchestras and opera companies have embraced streaming, and live music now competes in the home for the same consumer’s monthly entertainment spend. This session asks what’s working and what’s not working in the current set up, where it is all leading, and what needs to change to ensure a healthy future for all. Can all music (regardless of length and who the performers are) really all have the same value? Does sound quality matter any more? Will studio recordings remain financially viable? How urgently do Smart TVs need a common standard? There are no shortage of questions but unfortunately not many easy answers.


Chaired by


Chris O’Reilly (UK)

Managing director, Presto Classical

Chris O’Reilly is managing director of Presto Classical. After studying cello and conducting, he joined Presto Classical in 2001. Since then, through a firm understanding of what the consumer wants and innovative and imaginative routes to market, he has built the company into one of the biggest retail websites in the world. (Photo: Dave Perry)



Christopher Widauer (Austria)

Head of digital development, Vienna State Opera

Christopher Widauer studied philosophy before moving into arts management in 1986 as director of the Styriarte Festival in Graz. He is the founder of a puppet theatre for new literature and music. He has also worked for the Vienna Councillor of Cultural Affairs as head of department for performing arts and is now head of digital development at the Vienna State Opera. (Photo: Christopher Widauer)



Steve Long (UK)

Managing director, Signum Records

Having been an amateur musician from an early age, Steve Long studied economics at university. He is now responsible for the running of Signum Records and Floating Earth, a music recording and production company based in West London. (Photo: Johnny Greig)



Jared Sacks (Netherlands)

Director, Channel Classics

Jared Sacks is the director, producer and recording engineer for Channel Classics Records, a quality record label based in Holland. He makes all the recordings himself, including editing and post-production.
(Photo: Jonas Sacks)

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