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Why staring thoughtfully out of the window is business-vital

Session 15 | Presentation | Friday, 16.5.2014 | 11:00 - 11:45 | Conference Room 2

Having now been on both sides of the music industry, as journalist and as manager/PR, James Inverne has a unique view of the way the classical music industry must now interact with its customers, both on and offline. Old norms are breaking down in many places, what were once the laws of survival are crumbling and need to be reimagined. In this session, he and Eric Fraad, the innovative Director of Heresy Records (and former colleague of Andy Warhol) will reveal why getting this process right is crucial to the industry’s survival. At a time when creativity is under threat, he believes his theory of “the new creativity” is more vital to our businesses than ever. And yes, it all comes down to staring out of the window.


Moderated by


James Inverne (UK)

Managing director, Inverne Price Music Consultancy

The former editor of Gramophone magazine, James Inverne has also worked as an arts writer for Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal and many other publications. He now lends his expertise to leading institutions and artists, from Lang Lang to the Aspen Music Festival. (Photo: Haymarket Media Group)



Eric Fraad (Ireland)

Director, Heresy Records

Eric Fraad is a director, producer, cultural entrepreneur and the founder of Heresy Records. He was born in New York City and lives in Ireland. His productions of opera and theatre have caused a stir at festivals and theatres in Europe and the US. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. (Photo: Winifried Dulisch)

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