• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Insights into data-driven audience development

Session 19 | Presentation | Friday, 16 May 2014 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Conference Room 1

There is no shortage of imaginative ideas when it comes to developing audiences for classical music: presentation and communication initiatives; themed programming; artistic collaborations. What artists and arts organisations really need to know is what approach will work for best them. Digital technology has opened up the potential for incredible sophistication in data analysis and insight. ‘Big data’ techniques can bring you invaluable information about your audiences, whether you are a solo artist, independent producer or larger arts organisation. This session will reveal how we can share, analyse and build on knowledge that we can then apply and further test in different international contexts.

Presented by


Susanna Eastburn (UK)

Chief executive, Sound and Music

Susanna Eastburn is chief executive of Sound and Music. She has also previously worked as director of music at Arts Council England and artistic director of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. In September 2013 she was elected president of the International Association of Music Information Centres. (Photo: SoundandMusic/Rleahair)



Nick Sherrard (UK)

Head of development, digital and communications, Sound and Music

Nick Sherrard is head of development, digital and communications at Sound and Music. Since 2012, Sound and Music has been working to establish the UK’s first data-driven audience development programme, working with partners across the country to track what works and what doesn't in growing new audiences for new music.



Laura Bowler (UK)

Artistic director and company manager, Size zero opera

Laura Bowler is a young composer and mezzo-soprano living and working in London. Her work is influenced by many composers and artists ranging from Stephen Sondheim to Harrison Birtwistle, the paintings of Kandinsky to the theatre of Antonin Artaud.

And with


Paul Moore (Ireland)

Head of school of creative arts, University of Ulster

Professor Moore has worked as a senior manager in the further education sector having joined the University of Ulster in 1999. He has since been active in the development of the creative arts/industries policy in the University becoming head of the School of Creative Arts and Technologies in 2008.

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