• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

How to succeed in financing your audio-visual music production

Session 4 | Presentation | Thursday, 15.5.2014 | 12.00-12.45 | Conference Room 1

In this session, delegates will receive a compact overview of best practice in modern audio-visual music production, including performance recordings, transmissions and documentaries. They will learn about standard and alternative financing models for audio-visual programmes, and will get an overview of the economic impact such productions can have on artists, opera and concert houses, record labels, etc. What are the economic implications of cinema transmissions, second screen use, streaming-platforms, etc? Franz Patay will also provide an in-depth introduction to the Avant Première Music and Media Market, the annual networking event for the audio-visual music industry.

Presented by


Franz Patay (Austria)

Secretary general, International Music and Media Centre (IMZ)

Since completing a law degree in 1986, Franz Patay has worked in leadership and management roles in the field of music and media. He is secretary general of the IMZ and head of Konservatorium Wien University. He is also active as a lecturer at universities worldwide and member of the International Music Council. (Photo: Simlinger)




Bernhard Fleischer (Austria)

producer and managing director, bernhard Fleischer Moving Images GmbH

BFMI is an independent production company for audio-visual programmes of the performing arts - whether these be documentaries, portraits of artists, adaptations of music and dance for the camera, or the genuine rendition of live performances and works with the world’s most acclaimed artists in the field of classical music. In 2009, Bernhard Fleischer expanded his activities to the U.S. realizing global TV co-productions since then. (Photo: Augusta Quirk)


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