• 17 - 20 MAY 2022

Plan Your Trip

More information to plan your trip to Hannover (Germany) coming soon!
Please check further information on Location & Venues and Travel & Accommodation.


Obviously. If you have not registered before the event, you should! Remember that the earlier you register, the cheaper the registration.

Update Your C:N NET Profile

A few days after you have registered online, we will send you your login data. Update your profile, with a picture and a company description (at the very least!). Check your contact data! You can also post artists and records as well as your news or events. It's easy! Delegates who have not registered yet but want to do so on site can access the C:N NET database, but without the business contacts listed.

C:N NET database and year-round platform

Organise Your Travel and Accommodation

See our travel and accommodation tips for getting to and around Rotterdam.

Check the Classical:NEXT Hours

You will be able to pick up your badge from 09:00 - 18:00 on the Monday - and from 10:00 on all following CLassical:NEXT days.
The Expo will open at 12:00 on Monday and on 10:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Note that the First Night Celebration will take place on Monday evening, 18 May. For those who do not manage to pick up their badge before 18:00 on Monday, there will be a guest list at the door.

Find the Schedule Overview here.

Check the Full Programme, Schedule and App

See what the Classical:NEXT Programme 2021 brings:

Increase Your Visibility

Looking for a way to maximise your impact on the Classical:NEXT delegates and beyond? We have plenty of ways for you to promote yourself with Classical:NEXT, from placing adverts in our Pocket Schedule or website, to placing an insert in the Classical:NEXT bag (given to all participants!), to having your company on our own materials such as the bag, lanyard or wristband.

For more information and for a booking form, see our Promote Yourself page.

Apply for a Free Mentoring Slot

Classical:NEXT 2021 will once again feature mentoring sessions with experts from various fields within the industry. You can find details of last year's experts in the Conference archive.

Check our List of Restaurants and Coffee-Houses near de Doelen

If de Doelen's own inhouse restaurant doesn't take your fancy, you'd be well served by venturing outside of the Classical:NEXT daytime venue and paying a visit to one of the many restaurants and coffee houses within walking distance. A list of our favourites is available at our Where to Eat page.

Schedule Your Meetings

Start making appointments today if you haven't already!

In order to maximise the time you have in Rotterdam, we recommend setting up as many appointments as possible beforehand to ensure you do not miss out on meeting with the teams and networks most important to your work. Remember: be succinct and be mindful that some people's schedules might not be so flexible as your own.

Use an app, your cell phone calendar, a diary, a date book, a notebook… but start thinking about with whom you want to meet.

You can browse 2021 delegates by alphabet in our online networking platform C:N NET. This lists every delegate and company that has registered (and paid) to date. Who do you want to meet? Who do you need to see? Find contact data of every delegate at C:N NET and arrange your meetings.

How to Get to Classical:NEXT and Around in Rotterdam

In the 'Prepare' section of our website, you will be able to find taxi numbers, information on how to get to Classical:NEXT from the airport or train station and how to reach each venue of Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam. Find more information under Travel & Accommodation and Location & Venues.

The full address of de Doelen is:

de Doelen Concert and Congress Centre
Kruisplein 30/40
3012 CC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

First Thing in Rotterdam: Badge Pick-Up

On site, the first thing to do is to pick up your badge, which gives you access to the Expo, as well as all Classical:NEXT Conferences, Project Pitches and Showcases. We will have your badge ready for you at the registration counter at the entrance to the Expo from 9:00 on the Monday, and throughout the Expo opening times from 10:00 to 18:00 each day.

If you have not registered by the time you arrive, you can do so at the registration counter. Make sure you arrive ahead of your schedule, as processing your registration might need some time.
When you get your badge you will also be handed a Classical:NEXT Bag, chock-full of inserts, magazines and merchandising to cheer your stay.

Running Late? Evening Delegates List:

If you are running late for the First Night Celebration and can't make it to de Doelen before registration closes at 18:00, no problem! We will have a list of all delegates who pre-registered at the entrance of the Celebration. So don't worry – if you have pre-registered and fully paid (!) you will get in, even if you didn't manage to pick up your badge beforehand.

What to Bring

Material to bring

Make sure to bring any supporting materials or documents to help drive your point home.

For arts presenters: bring along any promotional material used in the previous years, press clippings and/or past programme schedules.

For artists and artist representatives: think about what will make you stand out from the crowd. If you have DVD footage, bring your computer, charge your batteries and find a corner where you can show people what you've got. Bring CDs or cards with download codes to your music/EPKs, DVDs, press clippings, anything you think might help make your case, but remember: less is more. Heavy packages tend to get left behind in the hotel at check out. Instead, give a small package that makes it easy for them to look into at home. Be sure to ask for a card and follow-up a few weeks after you return home.

For labels or publishers: bring along any relevant press materials and CDs or cards with download codes to your music/EPKs both compilations from your catalogue and any individual CDs you may want to publicise or license, plus those of the artists you may want to promote for live performances. As a publisher take examples of your sheet music or commissioned projects with you.

For distributors: bring your details, your experience, even your contracts - you might sign deals right on the spot.

For programmers and journalists: bring proof of your credentials to help convince people who have limited materials that you are the one to give them to. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive Classical:NEXT news first, if you haven't already, and check the press downloads page for information, hi-res Classical:NEXT photos and logos.

Whatever you do, don't forget to bring business cards

Visit the Info Counter for Rotterdam Information

At the Info counter, locals will be able to help you with basic questions about Rotterdam (including transport etc.). You may also use the Info counter as a meeting point for your personal appointments.

While at Classical:NEXT

Use the first day to see the trade fair stands and get an overview of what is being presented. If you discover something you must learn more about, stick around, make an appointment or just make a list and be sure you get back there by the end of the event.

Attend Conference Sessions, Network Meetings and Mentoring Sessions to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments in the business and put names with faces.

Visit our Project Pitches, and Showcases during the day, evening and night.

And, yes, do be sure to enjoy yourself – and do not forget to eat and drink!

Promote Your Business or Art After Classical:NEXT

So you have promoted your presence before and during Classical:NEXT, but what about afterwards? Make sure you document your presence at the event in order to assist with future promotional activities. To help with this, our official photographer, Eric van Nieuwland, will be on hand to snap all the key moments of Classical:NEXT. Should you be on the hunt for professional photos of your stand and activities, be sure to contact Eric.

Going Home

When you get home again, be sure to do all your follow-ups, write thank-yous, send promised materials, just don't wait too long…