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c/o Piranha Arts AG
Kreuzbergstr. 30
10965 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 318 614 47
Fax: +49 30 318 614 10
eMail: next@classicalnext.com

Berlin HRB: 63466
Steuer Nr. / tax no. 37/472/50418
Ust.Id.Nr. / VAT id. no. DE812 172 708
Vorstand Frank Klaffs, Michael von Petrykowski
AR Vorsitzender Christoph Borkowsky
Gerichtsstand: Berlin
Sitz der Firma: Berlin


Google Analytics Legal Notice

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics utilises what are known as "cookies", text files which are saved on the visitor's computer and used to analyse the use of this website. Information created about your use of this website through the cookie (including your IP address) is transferred and saved to a Google server in the USA. Google uses this information to analyse your use of this website, to compile reports on website activity for the website operator and additionally to render services related to website and internet use. If necessary, Google will transfer this information to a third party if required by law or if the party in question is commissioned by Google to work with this information. Under no circumstances will Google connect your IP address with other data from Google. You may prevent cookie installation by setting your internet browser software to do so. However, should you choose to do this, you may not be able to use all functions of this website fully. By using this website, you declare yourself in agreement with the processing of data generated by you through Google in the previously described manner for the purposes stated above.


General Business Terms – C:N NET

C:N NET is a virtual classical music fair on the internet. It is controlled and operated by the Classical:NEXT team of Piranha Arts AG, Kreuzbergstr. 30, 10965 Berlin, Germany (below: "Classical:NEXT").

  1. This General Business Policy will be acknowledged by you as part of the agreement between yourself and Classical:NEXT. You may print this document.
  2. Classical:NEXT reserves the right to make changes to the General Business Terms at any time. If you do not agree to the changes, you may cancel your agreement with Classical:NEXT.
  3. As a C:N NET member you will have a virtual classical music fair at your disposal. Classical:NEXT does not appear here as publisher or content-supplier, but rather as fair operator. The operator serves to promote information, communication and trade between exhibitors themselves, as well as the ordinary fair visitor.
  4. You as member of C:N NET have an obligation to take into consideration the cultural and religious interests of other delegates, in particular, not to circulate racist or other such contemptuous comments.
  5. Information, communication and other resources will be made available via C:N NET. At the same time one must recognize that Classical:NEXT merely makes the 'Fair -surroundings' available; in many cases it is not about contents published or distributed by Classical:NEXT (except for e.g. the Classical:NEXT or help section). Most contents are made available for you by other C:N NET exhibitors. All contents that are accessible by you from a third party come from this third party, that is to say those contents made available by its originators, authors and circulators and not from Classical:NEXT. Classical:NEXT is therefore not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the contents. Classical:NEXT is under no circumstances liable for any losses or damages that occur through the use of information that you may have acquired within the framework of the C:N NET.
  6. Those contents offered over C:N NET may be in some cases copyrighted and/or trademarked and/or legally protected. Classical:NEXT is entitled to the right to choose, coordinate, arrange and elaborate on this content.
  7. The data entered by you must be made in accordance with the regulations, meaning one must comply with the rights of third parties and legal requirements. You will not hold Classical:NEXT responsible for any possible claims that might arise from a third party, which are made as a result of damages to the rights of a third party, or because of illegal behaviour or breach of contract.
  8. With the entering of data you yourself or you in the name of the legal holder, will grant Classical:NEXT the non-exclusive right to look at the content, as well as to unconditionally and unrestrictedly be able to circulate, to revise, to publish or to translate within the C:N NET. This legal concession also extends to Classical:NEXT's existing right, which allows for the entered content to be integrated with other content, in any form in the C:N NET, or that the entered content be passed on to our partners.
  9. Classical:NEXT is not liable for content and program that are circulated in the C:N NET , nor for damages that arise there from - exception being damages intentionally brought about by Classical:NEXT. These rules are valid for all types of damages, especially damages that occur through mistakes, delays or interruption in the transmission, incorrect content, lost or deleted data, viruses or any other such malfunction which arises from the use of the C:N NET.
  10. In the case of goods, jobs or services being offered on the C:N NET, there will follow possible contracts exclusively between you (the buyer), and the supplier (excluding shop). Possible claims arising out of such business, must be directed exclusively against the supplier.
  11. Registered delegates of the Classical:NEXT music meeting will be given free of charge access to the C:N NET for one year (starting with the confirmation of the registration). If you should find yourself as a registered delegate to Classical:NEXT, but do not possess a profile on C:N NET, please inform us about this by sending an email to net@classicalnext.com. As a delegate of Classical:NEXT as well as C:N NET member, you are at any moment allowed to terminate your online account. We ask however that you inform us about the termination by sending us an e-mail to net@classicalnext.com
  12. All other persons can register for participation in C:N NET only, exclusively through the internet. With this registration one receives an account as well as the right to submit data into C:N NET. The following additional conditions are valid for such cases - i.e non-Classical:NEXT delegates. Terms of payment can be found at the bottom of the registration form.
  13. Classical:NEXT reserves the right to refuse membership admission, to suspend membership of those who do not maintain deadlines, or to terminate contract (surplus charges for usage will be reimbursed).
  14. In the case that your password is stolen, lost etc. you remain liable for the unwarranted use of the C:N NET by a third party, until you notify Classical:NEXT via e-mail of the unauthorized usage.
  15. Data protection: Classical:NEXT commits itself to protecting the private sphere of all persons who use our site and, to treat confidentially all personal data that our customers entrust in us. Classical:NEXT does not sell any personal data and does not entrust these data to a third party, which is not directly involved with Classical:NEXT, or is not one of our partners. Should you notice a violation within the framework of C:N NET, of the listed responsibilities in points 4 and 6, we ask that you inform us about it via e-mail to net@classicalnext.com
  16. The usage of Classical:NEXT and C:N NET websites with automated systems is prohibited. Any violation of this provision will result in the blocking of the account without reimbursement of expenses.
  17. German law is to be in force, over or instead of UN law. Exclusive court of jurisdiction for all claims related to business is Berlin/Germany.


Classical:NEXT 2020 in Rotterdam - Terms of Payment and Business

  1. By selecting the BUY button during the online registration process or in signing the registration form on-site, you are liable to pay the applicable amount for registration and/or stand booking for Classical:NEXT 2020 upon approval by Piranha Arts AG (the organising company of Classical:NEXT, Piranha Arts AG hereafter).
  2. Payment in EUR currency only. All prices are net prices, applicable VAT will be added.
  3. Payments from Smart Rate to Late Rate can be made in cash, by credit card (Master/VISA only) or bank transfer; no cheques accepted. Payments during Sprint Rate can only be made by credit card. Payments during Walk-up Rate only in cash or by credit card.
  4. Any additional bank costs are to be covered by the delegate/invoiced party.
  5. All registration rate deadlines are payment receipt deadlines. All deadlines expire midnight CET (Central European Time). If payment is not received before a rate change, the higher rate will be owed, regardless of registration date.
  6. Registrations and stand bookings can only be accepted with a completed registration form (online or paper), and are accepted subject to event capacity.
  7. In case of stand booking (including shares of the TECH Isle), further terms and conditions apply to exhibitors and co-exhibitors according to the exhibition manual provided by Classical:NEXT (see: Exhibition manual).
  8. When two people from the same company register at the full price, every person who registers as part of that same company thereafter receives a discount rate (3rd person rate).
  9. The media rate is available subject to capacity and only applicable to full-time journalists and press representatives with valid media credentials.
  10. Student registration is available subject to capacity and only applicable to those under the age of 30 with valid student credentials who do not attend Classical:NEXT on behalf of a running business. A student registration does not include a full C:N NET account (no public C:N NET profile and no access to the client database).
  11. Fully-registered disabled delegates may be accompanied by their Personal Assistant (carer) free of charge. Please contact us before the event with your Disabled Identification Card [DID] or equivalent at registration@classicalnext.com.
  12. Fully-registered disabled delegates may be accompanied by their Personal Assistant (carer) free of charge. Please contact us before the event with your Disabled Identification Card [DID] or equivalent at registration@classicalnext.com.
  13. Your registration is strictly personal. On proof of ID, Piranha Arts AG will issue wristbands and badges upon check-in on-site, which must be worn at all times during Classical:NEXT and are not transferable or replaceable. In case of loss, re-registering at full price is required. You may not transfer your badge or wristband to another person. If a badge or wristband is found in the possession of a person other than the registered delegate, Classical:NEXT withholds the right to confiscate and expel the person from event sites and cancel the registration and all registration benefits without refund or reimbursement of expenses.
  14. Changes of a registered company name or individual name (registration transfer) are subject to a 40,- EUR (net) charge. Registration transfer includes transfer of C:N NET account access. No changes are possible after check-in of a registered company name or individual has been completed.
  15. Any cancellation must be received in writing; a refund is subject to a 20% administrative charge until Friday, 6 March 2020. No refunds after Friday, 6 March 2020. Registration cancellation includes cancellation of C:N NET account access.
  16. The Higher Music Education Pre-Conference is subject to a 15,- EUR (net) charge per person, subject to capacity. Prior inscription is required.
  17. Admission to event sites will only be granted after receipt of full payment. Fully-registered delegates are entitled to attend all Classical:NEXT events (Opening Night, Expo, Conference, Project Pitches, Showcases and Club Nights, Award Ceremony, Tailored Networking Event) free of charge, subject to venue capacity and during the scheduled opening hours. Prior inscription is required for the Tailored Networking Event. Piranha Arts AG cannot guarantee admittance to showcases and events that are at full capacity. Early arrival is recommended.
  18. Piranha Arts AG will not be responsible for any third-party liability incurred by delegates as a result of any alteration of format, date and location of the event.
  19. At all Classical:NEXT venues and event sites, the respective house rules apply, unless communicated otherwise by Classical:NEXT (see also: Exhibition Manual).
  20. Public performing or playing of music is not permitted at the Expo.
  21. By registering for Classical:NEXT, you accept that the data provided by you for your registration may be used by Piranha Arts AG for internal use or by our partner companies (e.g. stand constructor, venue) for event related purposes. Internal use includes accounting, our website and C:N NET, the client database, newsletter and mailing lists, print materials, as well as the Classical:NEXT App.
  22. A C:N NET company account is created or updated upon confirmation of registration. Full registration for Classical:NEXT includes one year access to the online platform and database. By default, contact details provided by members are visible to all other fully registered and logged in C:N NET members. Members' full access to C:N NET will only become available after receipt of full payment. C:N NET terms and conditions apply.
  23. The usage of Classical:NEXT and C:N NET websites with automated systems is prohibited. Any violation of this provision will result in the blocking of the account without reimbursement of expenses.
  24. The Classical:NEXT newsletter and essential information related to Piranha Arts AG will be sent to all delegates. Please contact us at media@classicalnext.com to be removed from this mailing-list or use the unsubscribe button at the end of all newsletters. By registering for Classical:NEXT you agree to subscribe with your email address and registration data to the Classical:NEXT newsletter database as well to receiving other mail-outs from Piranha Arts AG. Piranha Arts AG will never disclose any of this information to third parties with the exception of your own C:N NET profiles from which data is available online according to your own privacy and data settings.
  25. Use of the Classical:NEXT name, wordmarks, logo or brand, or of any 'passing-off' versions of the Classical:NEXT name, wordmarks, logo and brand for commercial purposes is not allowed without prior agreement with and written authorisation from Piranha Arts AG.
  26. Unsanctioned 'offClassical:NEXT' events and the like, and/or events seen to be competing with Classical:NEXT may not be promoted on the Classical:NEXT event sites, in the Classical:NEXT bag or online. Use of the Classical:NEXT name, wordmarks, logo or brand, or of any 'passing-off' versions of the Classical:NEXT name, wordmarks, logo or brand in connection with any unsanctioned events is not permitted, nor may these be used in any way whatsoever to imply 'official selection' or any official association or partnership with Classical:NEXT if this is not the case. Infringement of this clause gives Piranha Arts AG the full right to cancel your registration and all registration benefits without refund or reimbursement of expenses, and to refuse admission to event sites.
  27. By entering the Classical:NEXT event sites, delegates irrevocably agree that any photo and audio/audiovisual recording made of them during Classical:NEXT (trade fair/conference/showcases etc.) may be extensively used free of charge in press coverage, as well as in any future promotional applications by Piranha Arts AG in all media. It is also agreed that this material may be used for sponsorship acquisition.
  28. It is understood that the Classical:NEXT Showcases (incl. First Night Celebration, Award Concert and all Classical:NEXT performance stages) and Conferences must not be recorded (audio/video) by anyone without prior and written authorisation from Piranha Arts AG (please email media@classicalnext.com).
  29. You shall indemnify and keep Piranha Arts AG as well as their local partners fully indemnified from and against all actions, claims and demands brought against these resulting (directly or indirectly) from any infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party affected by you.
  30. The Classical:NEXT community believes in and expects a welcoming, tolerant, diverse and productive environment for all. Offensive and discriminatory behaviour on the basis of age, disability, gender, gender identity and expression, race, cultural identity, religion or belief, nationality, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated at Classical:NEXT or on the Classical:NEXT event sites in person, in print, on display or on social media.
  31. In case of infringement of terms and conditions, Piranha Arts AG reserves the right to refuse registration, or to cancel your registration and all registration benefits without refund or reimbursement of expenses, and to refuse admission to or expel individuals from event sites.
  32. Place of jurisdiction for disputes concerning the present agreement is Berlin, Germany. The registration agreement shall be governed and construed according to the laws of Germany.


VAT Information


VAT charge on admission fees

In accordance with EU tax regulations, registrations at trade fairs and conferences fall under the rule for taxation of admission to cultural events. Admission fees are subject to the local VAT rate of the country where the event takes place.

The applicable VAT rate for admission fees in The Netherlands regarding Classical:NEXT 2020 is 21%.

This VAT rate on admission fees has to be charged on all delegate registrations for Classical:NEXT, regardless of where the taxable person is based. It is also exempt from the reverse charge procedure for EU companies with a valid VAT ID number.

For more information, please see the European Commission Taxation and Customs Union website.


VAT reimbursement on Expo Stand bookings

If you book a stand in addition to your registration (exhibition package) at Classical:NEXT you do not need to pay VAT, if:

  • your company is based in the EU and you have a valid VAT ID number or
  • your company is based outside the EU and can provide proof of tax residence and entrepreneurship.
  • If you are a German company with a valid VAT ID number you have to pay German VAT on the exhibition package.
  • If you are an EU company without a valid VAT ID number, you have to pay local (Dutch) VAT on the exhibition package.
  • If you are a company based outside the EU and cannot provide proof of tax residence and entrepreneurship, you have to pay local (Dutch) VAT on the exhibition package.


VAT Reclaim

If you are a company from inside the EU you can claim a VAT refund by contacting YOUR local tax authorities (please note our VAT No. in the Netherlands: NL823947750B01 * Tax Office Rotterdam, NL) in YOUR country and they will claim the refund electronically from the Dutch tax authorities.

Taxable persons from outside the EU who incur VAT in connection with their business activities in a Member State, in which they do not make supplies of goods or services, are usually entitled to deduct the VAT charged in that Member State, This "deduction" is typically by means of a refund of VAT from the Member State in which the VAT was paid. Please contact YOUR local tax authorities about how to claim the VAT refund.

A taxable person is allowed to deduct the VAT he/she paid on his/her purchases insofar as the goods or services are used for his/her business activities. However, there is no right to deduct input VAT if he/she:

  • uses them for an exempt activity or
  • is not obliged to charge VAT on his/her outputs (e.g. schools, banks, insurance companies, small businesses under the exemption threshold etc.).

For more information, please see this website: Right to deduct input VAT and VAT refunds – European commission.

You are also advised to contact your tax consultant if in doubt.